Singapore's biggest jamming Studio
PLAY BY EAR Jamming Studio (PBE Jamming Studio)

That’s right, the Play By Ear Studio does look like this in reality. It is professional and  spacious. Its really nothing like any other jamming studios you have ever been to. 

Whether you are an amateur or a professional, you won’t regret jamming here.

362, Block A, #06-02A, Upper Paya Lebar Rd, Da Jin Factory Building, 534963

In between Tai Seng, Bartley, and Serangoon MRT

Whatsapp Now at 92766737

Jam on a stage

How many times do you get to jam on a stage? Almost never. This is your chance. Jam and experience what is it like on a professional stage like never before. You can literally run around the stage and even off the stage. There’s also a waiting area outside if you like to hang around there. The space is massive, for just one studio. Maybe it isn’t even a studio, its a jamming hall! 

Quality equipment

Have A Blasting Good Time Jamming​

Move and express your creative personality freely with our professionally equipped music jamming studio space. Unleash powerful and impressive range of dynamics, colours, and texture you never thought possible. We believe your musical experience should not be stifled by cheap consumer grade gear, whether you are an amateur or professional.

Shred to your heart’s content and bring your music to the next level with the versatility, reliability, and power of the Orange Rockerverb 100 MKIII Amplifier Head for Guitars and Orange PPC412 Celestion Vintage Speakers. Touring and professional musicians especially love the sound and durability of Orange equipment. No matter what kind of tone you need, this Orange combination can handle it all to fit your needs.

Get more power, versatility, and flexibility with Ampeg SVT-4PRO pro series bass amplifier and Ampeg SVT-410HLF classic series bass speaker cabinets. Fine tune and get the perfect sound to match your music with the expansive control settings and 9-band equalizer. Feed those juicy signals through the mighty set of four 10” speaker cones.

Get those bodies moving with the clean, powerful, and warm tone of the Yamaha Custom Live drum set. Yamaha chose to use thick oak shells to get the best drum quality with no compromises. Instead of off-the-shelf shellpacks, we have selected a combination that best fits our jamming music studio: bass, toms, snares, and Zildjian Cymbals.

We have in our studio, the Fender ’68 Custom Twin Reverb. Made famous with their double 12 inch Celestion speakers, the sound and projection of this amp is simply unbelievable. Calling out all silverface fans, here’s your chance to try this on a stage! 

If you have a large band, or simply every of your band member sings a bit, our studio is the solution for you. Yes, we have more than enough mics and music rests to cover. Every vocalist is important, even those doing harmonies for just a few bars. 

The keyboardist is always the most left-out in the band in every Jamming studio (sad to say, but the awful truth). But not at our studio. We have multi-tier keyboard stands, a personalised mixer and amp just for the keyboardist. Yes WOW. With a Kawai ES7 and an Novation analog synth and plenty of space to place your other keyboards, sound modules or Laptops. 

Spacious Studio

All the space for your creative possibilities

Our spacious (1200 square feet) music jamming studio opens up creative avenues and possibilities2

Studio acoustics

With no effort at all, your music will sound much better with our studio acoustic panels stuffed with MASSIVE rockwool and other diffusers. Gone with all the unwanted echos. Listen to what your band should sound like. 

Bring a SD card and record with our Tascam 24 mixer

The Tascam 24 Mixer works both as a 24 track multitrack recorder and also a 24 track LIVE mixer. Slot in a SD card, and record your entire band. Mix your tracks elsewhere with any audio production software with your recorded WAV files.  Every instrument is either MIC or direct-IN into the mixer for easy recording. Even the drums are individually mic-ed!  HOWEVER, please note that since the studio is fully DIY, you might need to read up the online manual of the mixer yourself to understand how the recording works. The model of the mixer is TASCAM 24. 

Open 24 hours / 7days

Yes, we are full automated, and open every day 24 hours. That means, you can finally jam at 12 midnight on Friday and Saturday till whenever you need. Your prayers have been answered. 

Aircooled™ Ventilation System

As much as we cared about providing the best music equipments for our customers, the air you breathe is just as important. How many times you might have entered a jamming studio which the air has smell of food, weird odor, human perspiration or some sort? At play by ear, we have addressed the problem. You get clean fresh aircon, not air left over from the previous band.  


Booking and planning a wonderful jamming session should not be a chore. Our wonderful location and facilities makes it convenient and accessible for all.


By train, bus, car, or foot, our jamming studio is accessible to all. It is conveniently located 8 minutes walk from either Serangoon or Bartley stations.


Get your jam going at

S$ 100
per hour

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Check out our music school (Play by Ear Music School) at 245B Victoria Street Singapore 188032! We specialised in piano lessons for adults!